Getting started

Once you've subscribed you need to add product groups and install app widget to your theme.

Adding product groups

Product groups are used to link separate products with swatches. It can be useful to group products of different colors, styles, flavors, sets, etc.

For example, in the image below every swatch is a link to another product:

To create a product group click on Create first group button:

Enter the Title and Option name. The title is used only for your reference and is not visible to customers. The option name is displayed as a label for the widget, next to the selected swatch name. Example option names are Color, Size, Set, Flavor, etc

Click Browse and select products that you want to add to a group. Once selected click Add.

Now assign a Swatch name for every product (eg color names), select swatch type, and assign color or image depending on the selected type.

And click Save. Congratulations, your first product group has been created! But it's not visible in the store yet. Next, you need to install our app widget to your theme.

Installing app widget

To install the app widget go to Widget settings.

And select your theme in the Install widget section.

Based on your theme type we'll suggest you either install App Block (for Online Store 2.0 themes) or install our liquid snippet automatically (for Vintage themes). In rare cases, when you're using a custom theme, the installation can't be completed fully automatically. In that case please contact support and we'll help you with installing our liquid snippet for free.

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